Cloud PABX

Communications Specialists Ltd have a new offering for customers wanting to take advantage of the latest PABX and mobility features, but who don’t want to spend large amounts upfront on their technology.

Cloud-Factory by Ericsson-LG and Atlas Gentech is an enterprise scale Cloud based PABX system that makes telephony easy!

Simply select the number of phones you need and what type. These are then preconfigured according to your needs, delivered to your premise by our technicians and when plugged into your ethernet ports onsite, are active less than a minute later.

Each phone has it’s own voice channel so you will never run out of capacity, and comes with a mobile extension meaning you can receive calls on either your deskphone or your mobile.

You can even exchange your deskphone for a UC Application on your Android or iOS device and receive all calls directly from your mobile, giving you a truly flexible workforce.

Every phone also comes with voicemail to email and a range of customisable features, all done through a simple web-based portal.

Your site gets a virtual receptionist in the form of an Auto Attendant if you require it, meaning calls can be automatically directed to the right person or department.

Please click on the link below for more information, or contact me below to see how your business could upgrade it’s communications simply and cost effectively!


Hein van der Merwe

Business Development Manager

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027 398 2222